Reasons To Hire Wedding Hummer

Wedding for man or woman is always the one occasion that they want to make it memorable and grandeur. People spend a good amount of money for special auxiliaries to magnify your excitement. People usually choose a theme wedding, have a photo booth on it or even call celebrity singers. Especially when you are planning your wedding reception, you want to plan in a way that it will leave a mark on all attendee. You will always strive to make a dramatic entry. No entry will be better dramatic then you stepping out of Hummer limousine. The trend of using wedding hummer is on high, people are going crazy to hire hummer and make their mark. Why it shouldn’t because nobody can ignore the giant vehicle on the road. There are many upsides to wedding Hummer hire in Sydney and that will uplift your persona.

Party on the road

When you will be sitting in the hummer with some of your close friends. Then it will seem like the part on the road. Unless you own limousine hummer yourself, you haven’t witnessed such a friend gathering on the wheel. Wedding hummer can accommodate 14 people, so that a good amount of people in confined space, loaded with everything you need for a party.

Drinks on the Go

Wedding hummer has mini-fridge or champagne compartment in it. That compartment has enough of champagne for all the persons sitting in it. You can dink as much as you want because you are not driving today.

High-Quality Stereo

With the size of the car this big. You can also expect great entertainment system. There can be many speakers and other acoustic equipment in the car. You haven’t experienced such car stereo what you will experience in limousine hummer. As the length of the car will make acoustic effect great.


The limousine hammer will have thematic lighting. It will feel like riding on the magic carpet. There are different types of light are used to give a thematic effect and you can also adjust them as per your preference. Also, limousine hummer will have carpeted floor, that will give you feel moving luxury.


This is the prime reason for hiring limousine hummer from Hummerzillaz. You are partying on the move and having fun with your fun while arriving at the wedding. You must need privacy for it. Same when bride and groom departing the wedding, they need privacy till they reach the destination. This is the best privacy you can have while moving on the road, you can drink, watch TV, listen to music while people outside will unable to know what’s going in inside.