Why To Rent Short Term Apartment?

If you have moved to some new city or you are travelling to a new country for some while, the major portion of your budget will be allocated for accommodation. Everyone wants to have a comfortable and hygienic place to stay during their travelling. But many people are also very cautious about the cost of their accommodation because when you are travelling to some new place, as most of the time people will not be spending their time at their accommodation, they might be out for business meetings or sightseeing. That doesn’t make any sense to waste money on expensive accommodation if you are not spending much time inside. It is will always be smarter to find suitable accommodation that will match your need and budget. This is the reason that now people are a bit careful while choosing for high-end hotels or even hotels for their long stays. That’s given rise to the trend of renting short term apartments in Surry Hills and now most people prefer to live in apartments rather than hotels, because;

• Economical

There is no doubt in this regard, the renting for a short period will be considerably cheaper than the hotel. The hotels have high operating cost due to staff and government taxes whereas small apartment complex doesn’t need such workforce because the tenant is responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the apartment. If you are going as a group of 3-4 people then renting an apartment makes more sense. Because only a few hotels allowed 3-4 occupancy in the hotel room, it means you have to get 2 or more room for a small group. But in the case of the apartment, there is no limitation and per head, the cost will be drastically reduced.

• Family Trip

The apartment is ideal to hire for a family trip. When you have kids, they will be having more space to roam in the apartment. This is far better than the confined space of the hotel room. Renting a small apartment for a short trip is economical and more enjoyable. If you are good at finding the right apartment for you, you will be having home-like feel while staying.

• Better Facilities

If you research the right apartment and book on time, you might be lucky to get a great deal. In which you get the apartment in the complex that have all the facilities like swimming pool, gym or spas. One might not be able to get such a facility at less cost in 3- or 4-star hotels. But the same facilities can be avail when you opt for the apartment and you are paying less price for all such facilities. This shows why platforms like Airbnb are getting popular because they offer people options other than hotels, primely consist of apartments. This help people to enjoy more in less budget and also help the micro economy.